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I am Grace Tianchon Flores, born and raise as a champion is General Santos City. I am a Micro Entrepreneur, Financial Educator and an Investor. I am the second in the family but at an early age, I carried the responsibility of our eldest.

Growing up, I already knew the value of money. My dad was a bus driver while my mom used to manage our small sari sari store and carenderia.

During my high school days, my dad lost his job and later, also lost the sari- sari store and carenderia.

That downfall in our lives didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams. I went to college through a scholarship program while doing a part time job as a Jollibee service crew.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy and soon landed a job as a Management Trainee for Jollibee Foods Corporations. I passed my training with flying colors and stayed with JFC for 5 years. Later in my corporate career, I worked with different companies handling both operations and sales department.

There’s a saying that “ a rolling stone gathers more snow”. Indeed, I gathered enough idea for me to put up my own businesses. As of the moment, I am the owner and CEO of a Grasam Laundry Shop in Makati with three (3) branches. I am one of the stockholder and CEO of a Pizza Food chain with five (5) branches in General Santos City and Davao. I'm doing this while still investing in mutual fund, stock market and real estate. Since 2014. I am one of DTI-PTTC consultant doing lectures on Money Management and Investment Strategies

I learned about International Marketing Group (IMG) thru an old friend whom I haven't seen for a long time and we happen to meet in a jeepney. We chatted and ended at her office. She let me sit in one of the lectures which happened to be about Mutual Fund.

While listening, I realized how bad my decisions were with some of my previous investments. It's the consequence of investing without studing first.

  1. Jollibee shares – when I was with Jollibee, we were given a “stock option plan” which allowed all managers to buy Jollibee shares via salary deduction. I remember the price was at P10 share.

    I bought since all my co-managers were buying and when I resigned , they gave me a certificate bearing the number of shares I own.

    Not realizing the importance of this investment, I sold it at P17/share. I did earn some, but should I have kept the shares until today, the value would have been 10 times bigger.
  1. In 2008, me and my friend invested in a mutual fund. During that time, i don't know anything about mutual fundss but my friend endulged me to invest and so I did. 3rd quarter of 2008 is when the Stock Market starts falling because of the recession in the US. Because of fear and lack of knowledge, I redeemed my withdrew my investment at a 60% loss. Should I have kept my investment, I would have reap more than double of the amount today.
These realizations made me start my investments the proper way. I invested in myself first. I studied, made my research and the rest is history. I'm glad to have met IMG as it is instrumental to my success in investing today.


After attending the lecture , I immediately signed up for the memebrship. I was so thirsty for knowledge and attended evey financial seminars which are free since im now an IMG Member.

After sometime, I joined the trainer’s group even though I didn’t have any experience in doing lectures but amazingly, I discovered that I have the talent for it and I can touch lives through my lectures. It then opened more doors for me to conduct lectures in a small group, big groups, in company’s financial wellness program and even on DTI’s Caravan for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

This made me even more eager to invest and I made sure to build a strong financial foundation starting with my Kaiser Long-term Healthcare Plan which gave me even peace of mind while investing.

To date, it’s feels so great when I hear people in the office saying that they joined because of my lecture, that their husbands also joined because of my lecture, that they started because they can relate to my stories.

There maybe a lot of financial educators out there, but it's when we touch others lives that we are remembered. Cheers!

KAIZEN – A Japanese Business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency

My first mentor in the Corporate world taught me this word which basicaly means continuous improvement. When I joined the IMG trainers team in 2010, we used to have the overhead projectors with acetate sheets. I can imagine we were all sweating after the lectures because of the bulb of the projector. Imagine also how heavy it is to carry when doing presentations outside the office. Technological advancement makes today’s work so much easier. Everything is in power point presentations and you don’t have to carry that heavy projector. YouTube videos are now more available for everyoone. After 10 years with IMG, I’ve seen a lot of partner companies and the memebrship benefits has been more attractive than ever! Now, That’s Kaizen! That is what I like about IMG, It keeps eveloving, it keeps improving. That made me STAY!


As I mentioned earlier, we are not rich and for the first few years of my employment years I cannot find something that is worth passing on to my next generation.

Now that I know there is a proper way to save and invest, I wanted to instill this to the minds of these young individuals – my nieces and nephews. I oblige them to save a portion of their "baon" and open a bank account in their name . My mom is my accomplice in doing so as every church day, she will collect their savings and deposit them to their accounts.

It is a small step but I’m sure this is necessary for bigger things in their lives, for their future. Poverty in my family must be stopped!

They said your family will be your first critics and YES they are. I, too experience the same. But if we don’t give up on our family, they will eventually see your purpose. Take little steps. Pause if you’re tired but don’t give up!

Let me share with you two rules that I follow:
  1. Don't give up
  2. If you feel like giving up , remember rule #1
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