A step-by-step guide in applying for IMG membership online.

Hello there!
If you are ready to be an IMG member then please follow this very simple guide.

First is click the BE AN IMG MEMBER!" at the bottom of this page.

Click the "one-time joining fee for PHILIPPINE local members" and you will be directed to the online form.

You may also choose other countries if you are an OFW or a Filipino residing in other countries. Please note that the Membership Fee will be slightly higher.

NOTE: Since you're signing up using my site then i will be your sponsor. This only means that I will be guiding you and mentoring you to the best that I could.


Fill up the online form with the correct details most especially your email. Please DO NOT use your company/work email. Better use your personal email account.

Sponsor Code: 2822IF
Sponsor Name: FLORES, GRACE
(This is me)

For the forwarding address kindly select IMG - MAKATI OFFICE

Ths signature is a bit tricky especially when using a laptop. But dont worry, it doesn't have to be perfect:-)

Just do the best that you can.

Once you're done, click "Continue"
The 8-digit code will be your unique IMG membership code. But to have access to IMG you must first settle the Membership Fee.

You have several options but for personal preferences, I reccommend either Bank Deposit, Money Remittance, Online Bank Transfer.

For debit or credit card transaction, there will be additional charges.
Once you have selected your mode of payment, you will be directed to the Order Summary Form.

Fill up the required fields and then click Next.
Select the preferred Bank where you would want to deposit or transfer the funds.
Click Select
You will be directed to the Payment Instructions Form where it shows the following:
  • Bank
  • Reference Number (You may use this as reference for deposits or fund transfers
  • Bank Account No. and Account Type
  • The amount to be paid
You will also receive this form in your email.
Once payment is done, take a picture or a screen shot of your proof of payment.

Check your email and follow the payment instructions.
Upload your proof of payment.

You will receive an email that your payment has been uploaded and will undergo verification for 2 - 3 days.

Once verified and approved, you will be notified via email as well.

Don't forget to message me so I can welcome you.


Be part of this amazing company and start your journey towards financial security.